PowerBuilder 2018
(C# Runtime)
C# Development with
PowerBuilder 2018
  • 100% managed code C# runtime
  • .NET Core based, with cross-OS support
  • Develop in either the PowerBuilder or Visual Studio IDEs
  • Quickly convert existing projects with DataWindow migration & model generation/build tools
  • OAuth 2.0 support for single sign-on, token relay and token exchange
  • Optimized performance and scalability for n-tier architecture
PB 2018 Key Features


  • A C# version of the native PowerBuilder DataStore
  • Provides almost the same set of APIs as the native PowerBuilder DataStore
  • JSON importing & exporting
  • Reuses existing DataWindow/DataStore data objects
  • Overall significantly better performance and scalability


  • Code against data models instead of PowerBuilder data objects
  • Easier to maintain than PowerBuilder data objects, and does not have any dependency on the PowerBuilder IDE or painters
  • Supports SQL generation, data status tracking, and database update
  • Overall better performance than the C# DataStore


  • A C# replacement for PowerBuilder's embedded SQL feature
  • Supports raw SQL as well as automatic SQL generation
  • Supports lazy select
  • Supports binding result-sets to POCO or dynamic Models


  • Helps you rapidly build static or dynamic SQL
  • Makes your SQL easier to maintain
  • Makes your SQL more convenient to change at runtime


  • Eliminates the need to create models in many scenarios
  • (In theory) use the DynamicModel in the result-set from any query or stored procedure
  • An excellent choice for holding temporary data


  • A quick and easy solution for building an OAuth2 server such that you can securely expose your APIs
  • Strictly follows the OAuth 2.0 specifications and compatible with the .NET Core (for cross-OS server compatibility)
  • OAuth2 client supported in PowerBuilder 2017 R3