5 Steps

to Convert A Client/Server App

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Step 1

Config the PowerServer Profile in the PowerBuilder IDE.

Step 2

Remediate unsupported features & discrepancies, if any.

Only a handful of unsupported features and discrepancies. Use the built-in tools to identify these issues and remediate by removing or working around them.

Step 3

Build & test the app in the development environment.

Properly test your app with various tools and deploy it to your development environment.

Step 4

Secure both your client apps and REST APIs with the built-in or external services.

The client apps can be automatically encrypted. Use the built-in JWT services to secure your REST APIs. External auth services, such as Amazon Cognito service, and Azure Active Directory are also supported.

Step 5

Deploy the tested and secured app to the production environment.

Choose from a variety of deployment options that can accommodate virtually any process, no matter you self-host or use managed services.

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Deploy Your Apps to the Cloud in Five Steps