PowerBuilder/InfoMaker reports the error “Invalid parameter from the client side” when you log in after installation of .NET 8.

Invalid parameter from the client side


PowerBuilder 2022 R2 MR

PowerBuilder 2022 R3 Beta

InfoMaker 2022 R2 MR

InfoMaker 2022 R3 Beta


There is a compatibility issue between the latest .NET 8 runtime and the .NET 6 runtime used by PowerBuilder/InfoMaker. 


You can work around this issue using the following solution.

Resolution 1

This compatibility issue has been solved in 2022 R3. You can consider upgrading to 2022 R3 to get the fix.

Resolution 2

1. Please find the pbdevproxy.runtimeconfig.json file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon\PowerBuilder 22.0\IDE if you are using PowerBuilder and in C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon\InfoMaker 22.0\IDE if you are using InfoMaker.

2. Comment out the following line in this JSON file.
     //"rollForward": "LatestMajor",


3. Restart the IDE.

Note: You do not need to uninstall .NET 8.