What Can You Develop with PowerBuilder?

Client/Server Apps

Rapidly develop modern client/server apps using DataWindow technology. Features flexible UI rendering with UI Themes, powerful charting with Apache ECharts, consumption of cloud services with RESTClient, enhanced securitybuilt-in PDF generation, and automatic client deployment with PowerClient.



Installable Cloud Apps

Automatically convert existing client/server apps into installable cloud apps using PowerServer or rapidly develop new installable cloud apps using DataWindow technology. Installable cloud apps are Internet-deployable native Windows apps that consume C# REST APIs, and support virtually all PowerScript features, all non-visual C# features, and .NET Core.


installable cloud apps


Rapidly develop C# REST APIs with a cloud-native architecture using DataWindow technology, or automatically port existing business logic with the PowerScript Migrator. Supports virtually all non-visual DataWindow features, all non-visual C# features, and .NET Core.



What’s New in PowerBuilder 2021?

PowerBuilder 2021 offers all the great new features of PowerBuilder 2019 R3 plus supports automated cloud conversion with the revamped PowerServer 2021.

With the new PowerServer Toolkit, you can automatically convert your client/server app to an Installable Cloud App on the .NET Core in just weeks or less. No application is too large or complex for it to handle.

  • Minimal code changes
  • Cloud-native architecture
  • .NET Core compatible
  • Enhanced app security
  • Seamless app install & updates

The PowerBuilder IDE can now compile for multiple runtime versions (both minor and major) through the System Options. It enables you to easily maintain multiple projects, easily rollback a runtime version, and get the latest IDE features without affecting runtime.

  • Compile for multiple minor & major runtime versions
  • Debug for multiple minor & major runtime versions
  • Compatible with ORCAScript and PB Compiler
  • Runtime version checking to prevent mismatch

With PowerClient, you can automate the installation and updates of any PowerBuilder client app from any Web server over HTTPS. It eliminates the headaches and costs associated with creating installation programs, deploying apps to users, and keeping apps updated.

  • Seamless installation, even without admin rights
  • Self-updating with flexible update strategies
  • Encrypts, signs, and verifies integrity of the app
  • Packages all necessary files (PBVM, OCXs, DLLs, etc.)
  • Works online or offline on Windows 10 devices

Enrich PowerBuilder with modern interactive charts from Apache ECharts. Visualize your data with new graph styles, such as gauges, heatmap, candlestick, scatter, and funnel. Then quickly drill-down, segment, and filter the chart data.

  • Easy and little effort to implement
  • Generates charts from existing DataWindows
  • Works online or offline on Windows 10 devices
  • Free & open-source (Apache license)

Go beyond just securely displaying Web content in the embedded Chromium Web Browser. Easily integrate JavaScript with PowerScript, enriching your app with new visual possibilities and JavaScript functionality.

  • Call asynchronous JavaScript functions
  • Call synchronous JavaScript functions
  • Trigger PowerScript events in JavaScript
  • Access local files and resources
  • Supports basic & digest authentication

Make your PowerBuilder apps accessible and automate processes through the Microsoft UI Automation framework. Simply configure the accessible properties to benefit from automation testing tools, RPA tools, and compliance with accessibility regulations.

  • Requires no code changes to implement
  • Automatically applies to existing accessibility properties
  • Supports most visual objects, including DataWindows
  • Compatible with assistive and automation tools

Perform complex Git operations from within the PowerBuilder IDE. Easily create & switch branches, merge conflicts, and review detailed error logs, greatly improving your productivity of using Git with your PowerBuilder projects.

  • Create & Switch Branches
  • Merge branches and handle the conflicts
  • Review detailed error logs
  • Automatically refresh PBLs

PowerBuilder now provides support for the new OLE DB Driver (MSOLEDBSQL) for SQL Server. Simply modify your connection string and update your runtime DLLs to eliminate the risks of relying on obsolete drivers and strengthen your security with TLS 1.2.

  • Supports 32-bit & 64-bit MSOLEDBSQL drivers
  • Supports TLS 1.2 encryption over TCP/IP
  • Supports automatic deployment with PowerClient
  • Integrated into the IDE’s database painter


PowerBuilder is offered together with a suite of products to develop either modern client/server applications or Installable Cloud Apps.

PowerBuilder CloudPro

Deploy existing client/server applications to the Cloud as Installable Cloud Apps with a C# REST API architecture. The absolute fastest path to the Cloud with .NET!


PowerBuilder Professional

Rapidly develop client/server applications with the productivity of DataWindow technology. Provides many built-in features to instantly modernize!


* Open-Source C# runtime libraries require a separate purchase. Contact sales

Customer Testimonials

"Better integration with Git, PowerClient Deployment worth the upgrade to 2019 R3 on their own. Migration process still stable and new installer is a good improvement."

Patrice Domange
Senior Analyst/Developer, Sodexo

"We are so pleased with PowerClient Deployment in PowerBuilder 2019 R3 and we decided to delay our rollout for our Mainstay Profession product in order to update to this release. I have to say each Appeon PowerBuilder release is a new milestone, we are seeing huge leaps forward and I really encourage everyone to look at what is new in the latest version and to make the most of the new features."

David Peace
Technical Director, Powersoft Computer Services Ltd

"We are thrilled with the zero touch deployments with PowerClient, new OLE driver for SQL Server, the improved Git branching support, and the many other valuable improvements Appeon had made in this release.  Truly the best PowerBuilder version ever!"

Donald Clayton
President, Intertech Consulting, Inc

"We are using PB2019 R3 to create a software that integrates our ERP with digital Platforms like Shopify., Amazon, PrestaShop,  WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wish, and many others.  Thanks to the latest objects like HTTPCLIENT, RESTCLIENT, CODEROBJECT,  JSONPARSER, JSONGENERATOR we have been able to accomplish our tasks.   Most of these platforms provide RESTful Web APIs that we need to call in order to send them all the información about our products, pictures, price and inventory."

Filiberto Sosa
CEO, Size and Colors

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