Appeon’s Premium Support staff will help you address problems encountered with the development, deployment and management of Appeon products in your business environment.

Premium Support focuses on troubleshooting problems (e.g. error message or malfunction) that are not covered under our standard support policy.  Specifically, Appeon will help you with issues that are not caused by a software defect of an Appeon product or if your Appeon product version has reached its EOMM.

A Premium Support ticket is defined as a single Premium Support issue that can be resolved with a reasonable level of effort (i.e. <8 hours of labor).  Premium Support tickets are initiated online, but then our Premium Support staff will contact you typically within 2 business hours to schedule a phone call and/or a remote web session (with your consent), as appropriate, to resolve your issue.

(All pricing is in US dollars and excludes any taxes)

Premium Support
Single Ticket

$ 299

for one ticket

Premium Support

$ 1,299

for five tickets

Customer Testimonial

Appeon’s support is fast, easy and awesome, something unseen in previous history.

Miguel Leeuwe
Senior Developer, Credica Limited


Initial response times is typically within 2 business hours.  Our Premium Support hours are Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM US Eastern time (excluding public holidays).

Your Premium Support ticket must be used within 365 days of purchase.

A ticket is defined as a single support issue that can be resolved with 8 hours or less of labor by our Premium Support staff.  A single support issue is an issue that cannot be broken down into smaller issues. If it can be broken down, each smaller issue would be considered a ticket in itself.

While our Premium Support staff will make the best effort to resolve your issue, there could be a variety of factors out of our control that block us from resolving your issue.  As such, we cannot guarantee to resolve your issue.  If we are unable to deliver an acceptable solution, you will be notified and your ticket will be cancelled.

Our Premium Support staff will agree upon the definition of the issue with you when you open your ticket.  The ticket will be closed after the Premium Support staff has delivered one or more suggested solutions to you.  If we are unable to deliver an acceptable solution, you will be notified and your ticket will be cancelled.

  • Product feature enhancements
  • Onsite support (we do all work remotely)
  • Performance tuning
  • Writing documentation

Support from Appeon partners:

Appeon authorized consulting partners are technical experts that deliver Appeon solutions to customers. Find a consulting partner that provides the professional services to solve your specific business issues and support your long-term goals.

Additional support options:

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